MEPF Services Modelling

MEPF Services Modelling

  • HVAC BIM Modelling

    Comprise of all necessary information for Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning equipment. It provide clear idea about Air distribution ducts for Supply, Return, Fresh air and exhaust with Grille, Diffusers & Registers. Mechanical Room with Chiller, Pumps, Chilled water Supply & Return piping with all required valves with their fittings & controls

  • Electrical Modelling

    Covered Interior Electrical Power and Lighting components like lighting, receptacles, special and general-purpose power receptacles, lighting fixtures, panel boards, cable trays and control systems. It also provide Grounding Systems with all necessary components like lightning protection systems, static grounding systems, and communications grounding systems, bonding. Exterior Building Lighting with all necessary exterior lighting with necessary intelligence to produce accurate plans, elevations and schedules, proposed support utility lines and equipment.

  • Plumbing BIM Modelling

    Covered details for Water Resource, Sanitary Drainage & Strom Water Harvesting System. Water Resource comprising of Water distribution networking system, UGT location, internal plumbing utilities details like pantry, toilet, kitchen, drinking fountains, Hot water generation system & Distribution system, drinking water system etc. Sanitary Drainage Comprising of Internal & external drainage piping system, sanitary soil/waste water piping network, Treated wastewater distribution network detail. Strom Water Harvesting System Comprising of Roof rainwater piping, Basement drainage with floor, channel network, External storm drainage network & rain water-harvesting detail.

  • Fire-Fighting BIM Model

    Comprise of All Relevant Fire Protection Components like Dry riser, Down-comer, Wet riser based hydrant system network, Sprinkler system, External Yard hydrant system, fire extinguishers fittings, Water storage & fire pumps.