Scan to BIM

Xtolec is the perfect option for point cloud to BIM services. We have implemented many Architectural, Structural and MEPF international project for renovation and extension in Point cloud. We have prepared point cloud Architectural, Structural model with the details like exterior & interior walls, doors, windows, ceiling, floor, roof, major furniture & fixtures, structural column, beam & slab, trusses, floor & roof framing. Also we have prepared MEPF model which includes details like duct, pipes, cable tray, light fixture, electrical outlet and other MEPF equipment.

3D laser scanner use to measure Point cloud data. With the specialized scanner & software, the technology can scan any large & complex building. It is very fast & effective process of scanning the building.

The 3D scanned data can captures every detail of the building. It help engineers to visualize the building. The Point could data can be imported in to the Revit & on based on that it is easy to prepare the Revit 3D model.